Color and pattern have been essential elements throughout my life and career. Currently I am a jewelry designer but I spent 20 years working in the home furnishings industry focusing on design, manufacturing and retailing worldwide. As a fashion forecaster I developed new directions in textiles that reflected upcoming color and pattern trends. From textiles I moved to the tabletop industry developing innovative dinnerware, glassware and flatware patterns. Here not only color and pattern were critical but also 3-dimensional shape. This broad design background prepared me to launch a career in the field of my true passion - Jewelry.

First off, I love to fabricate. What this means is I work with metal from start to finish instead of beginning with a wax model and casting it in metal.

I use many techniques to develop an eclectic mix of color, pattern and texture such as forging, stamping, piercing, roll printing, etching, corrugating and the hydraulic press.

Although I mainly use sterling silver, other metals such as copper, brass and 24K gold keum-boo are added for color and interest. Keum-boo is a very thin foil of gold which is bonded to fine silver with the use of heat and burnishing.

I enjoy making hollowforms. Hollowforms are items that have a hollow interior like a bead instead of a flat sheet. Many of my pendants use a hollowform construction. The look is substantial yet the piece is lightweight and easy to wear. My heart pendants are a good example.

Almost all of my jewelry has an oxidation which is achieved with a liver of sulfur patina. I dip the piece in liver of sulfur which turns the metal black. Once black, I then sand off the high spots revealing the underlying texture.

Many of my textures are achieved by etching. I will etch patterns on brass using ferric chloride. Once the brass plate is etched I can use it to emboss the pattern on a sheet of silver with the use of a rolling mill. Most of the decorative patterns you see on my work are achieved in this manner.

I use stones and beads in my jewelry. Pearls, however, are my favorite. I like pearls used in unconventional ways. The contrast of a beautiful pearl with a textured and oxidized piece of metal is magic for me.

Because my jewelry has so much complexity, I tend to keep my shapes simple. Clean, linear forms enriched with a mosaic of metals, textures and stones are the defining factors of my work.